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The keys to unlocking inner wisdom & inner peace

Yesterday marked the final day of 11 months of Daoist flow Yoga teacher training. For me, it's been 11 months of deep study, reflection and personal transformation.

It’s hard to summarise just how much has changed for me during this time. One thing I can say is that much of the wisdom I have uncovered during the highs and lows of 2023 can be attributed to the practices I have been gifted from this training - The movement, breath and contemplative practices rooted in Yoga & Daoist philosophy that dive deep into embodied self-inquiry.

These are the practices that I love sharing with you each week and that have become deeply embedded in what I offer as a teacher and coach.

It was an emotional closure, with much celebration alongside vulnerable moments of sharing as my fellow students reflected on their 11-month journey of self-discovery. There were stories of personal loss. Stories of struggles with confidence and fears of uncertainty. Stories of trauma and injury and self-doubt. Stories which so many of us can relate to.

Amidst the diversity of experiences, I noticed a common thread of deep gratitude. A shared reverence for the practices we’ve learned that have resourced us all through a year of personal and collective challenges and uncertainties.

Each story that was told reaffirmed to me the reason why I believe embodiment practices are so profound and impactful.

They are the keys to unlocking inner wisdom and inner peace.

Whether it’s Yoga, Qi Gong, Breathwork or intuitive and somatic movement, these practices return us to the body, deepening our relationship with our internal sensations, feelings, expressions and emotions.

These practices help to increase our sensitivity to our inner landscape. Every feeling is a message and when we answer these messages by making skilful choices, we start to recognise how capable we are of nourishing and healing ourselves, from the inside out.

Listening to our gut and responding with our heart, we start to trust our wisdom. We rediscover our sense of agency and sovereignty. We find ease and peace even when the world around us feels unsettling and turbulent.

Empowerment comes from trusting that we have all the resources within us to face whatever comes our way.

It was inspiring to hear how my fellow students found the tools in embodiment practices to support themselves. No matter what this year brought for each of them, their stories were proof that there is power in these practices.

During times of uncertainty and instability, I invite you to consider that you have the power within you to bring yourself back into balance and harmony and find inner peace.


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