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Five reasons why embodiment is the greatest gift I can offer as a teacher & coach

This past week I’ve been working my way through all of my notes from the coaching intensive I attended a couple of weeks ago. It’s taking me quite a lot of time, partly because my handwriting is so hard to read and partly because I’m giving myself the time to allow the teachings to sink into my body.

My challenge with intensives is that they pack lot of information into a short space of time with very rarely any time to experience how that information is processed by the body.

There is so much more we can learn when we attune to how something makes us feel, what sensations arise and how our heart and gut responds to what’s happening in our external environment.

In a way, a typical coaching session can feel a lot like an intensive on a small scale. If you’ve ever experienced an hour of talk-based coaching or therapy, a lot of ground can be covered in an hours session. Yet, if the discoveries and illuminations are not grounded into the body, it can sometimes feel really challenging to process and integrate with the emotions and feelings that have been brought to the surface.

We can only process so much in the mind. If we ignore the felt sense in and of the body we miss out on connecting to the fullness of who we are and our incredibly capacity to heal ourselves from the inside out.

When we involve the body in a learning or coaching experience, we invite all of our senses and our full mind and body intelligence to participate in feeling, listening and connecting. Whether I’m guiding a yoga class or journaling session or I’m coaching, embodiment has become the cornerstone of my work.

What embodiment work does is help to remind us that our body & mind is a system that when connected allows us to access our deepest wisdom. It helps us establish a sense of sovereignty and self-agency.

It sounds straightforward and obvious to say that the body and mind are connected and not separate, yet for so many of us, most of the time, we don’t live in this connected way. I wrote a previous journal entry on my experiences of disconnection, which I would guess, are pretty common.

I’ve had many of my own experiences of disconnection and dissociation where I've felt stuck, numb and uninspired. I’ve also had many experiences of feeling fully connected and in-tune with myself, experiencing life as my most expressive, authentic and empowered self.

What was the difference between the two?

The body!

When I have awareness of my body I create deeper connection, alignment and self-attunement. I make choices and decisions from a place of deep inner-knowing which feels easeful and unburdened.

When I don’t things feel more difficult, I’ll often feel resistance and anxiety.

Although I find it hard to put into words just how impactful embodiment work has been for me on my path of self-discovery, I’ve tried to distil a few of the ways in which I have found reconnecting to my body to be of huge benefit. (In case you’re still wondering why I think it’s the most important ‘missing’ piece in most self-discovery teachings!).

  1. Our body knows what is needs. Reconnecting to subtle physical feelings and sensations can help us to get back in touch with our deep body intelligence so can learn to thrive, not just survive.

  2. By bringing more awareness and attention to our body we can learn to soften our ego mind, reconnect to our inner voice and access our intuitive gifts.

  3. Becoming more aware of our our body’s instinctual responses to our environment helps us to feel more empowered. We can begin to hear our authentic voice more clearly. Like the full-body yes!

  4. Tuning inwards helps us to tune out of the external noise so we can find more peace, ease and comfort. We get to know ourselves more deeply and compassionately.

  5. Connecting intentionally with and feeling our own breath can help us self-regulate our nervous system and self soothe in times of overwhelm and stress.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more on how working with embodiment practices in what I call The Embodied Way can support us to live a more fully expressed life.

Moving away from experiencing symptoms of overwhelm, stress, burn-out, anxiety, feeling stuck, lacking inspiration and fearfulness.

Towards experiencing more self-trust, self-love, self-compassion, self-worth, self-connection, clarity, peace and joy.

(*Deep relieving sigh*)


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